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Frequently asked questions about Greece, travel, citizenship, living in Houston, living in Greece, or anything else

Q: Where can I eat Greek food in Houston?

A: There are TONS of Greek restaurants in Houston. See the map below to see the Greek restaurants in your area:

Q: I am moving from Greece to Houston. Who can I talk to about American citizenship, and what paperwork is required?

A: The best people to get in touch with regarding citizenship, working in the USA and moving to Houston are the embassy of Greece and the Consul of Greece in Houston:

Mrs. Alexandra Papadopoulou, Ambassador of Greece to the USA
2217 Massachusetts Avenue N.W., Washington DC 20008, USA
+1 202-939-1399

Mr. Lambros Kakissis, Consul of Greece in Houston, TX
2401 Fountain View Drive, Ste.850, Houston, TX 77057
+1713 8407522

Q: Where is the nearest Greek Orthodox church in Houston?

A: There are four Greek Orthodox churches in the Houston area. Here's the breakdown:

Annunciation Greek Orthdox Cathedral
3511 Yoakum Boulevard, Houston, TX 77006

Assumption of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church
714 19th Street, P.O. Box 655, Galveston, Texas 77553-0655

St. Basil The Great Greek Orthodox Church
1100 Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77077

St. John the Theologian Greek Orthodox Church
202 North Walnut Street, Webster, TX 77598

Q: How do I get a cell phone in Greece if I am traveling as an American? Can I get email and phone calls overseas?

A: We have used multiple methods of staying connected while traveling to Greece. Here are three suggestions:

METHOD 1: Keep two separate cellphones. The easiest option is to keep your American cellphone (Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T, etc.) with you, but turn off data and cell roaming. In fact, you may just want to keep it off while you travel. In order to stay connected while traveling, you can buy a local Greek cellphone pay-as-you-go package for data and voice. At Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens, you only have COSMOTE (via the Germanos store) as a mobile carrier, but once you reach your final destination outside the airport, you can select Vodafone or Wind at any periptero (kiosk) or store front.

METHOD 2: Keep your American cellphone, and mange your data and minutes. You can choose to keep your American cellphone on while you travel, BUT this could get VERY expensive, and run away from you in cost quickly. Each mobile provider has different plans for international travel, so check with your carrier before you depart.

METHOD 3: Unlock your American cellphone, and buy a local Greek SIM card. This is our suggested option. If you have a Verizon 4G LTE phone, your SIM is already unlocked, so all you need to do is select a Greek mobile carrier (Vodafone, COSMOTE, Wind, etc.) once you land in Athens. Swap out your SIM card when you get back home. If you are not a Verizon customer, but still have a SIM card phone (GSM technology), then you can ask your carrier to unlock your phone. If you are contract customer, this might be a simple phone call. If you are brave enough, then try this online mobile unlock service. Members of the GiH Team have used this service a handful of times, on multiple device types with 100% success - it runs around $50 per phone.

Q: How do I get my organization's event on the GreekinHouston CALENDAR?

A: Send us a NOTE or an email at All events are posted to our calendar FOR FREE!

Q: How do I get my business on the GreekinHouston DIRECTORY?

A: Send us a NOTE or an email at

Q: I am traveling to Greece. What are must see locations?

A: Of course, everywhere you go in Greece is beautiful! Every island has its own individual charm, so it all depends on you and what you want to experience.

Athens - As the capital, Athens has so much to offer! As a first time visitor, going to the Acropolis is a must. There is a ticket charge; one option is an individual ticket (20 euro) for just the Acropolis hill and another option is a bundle ticket (30 euro). The bundle is only a few euro more and will get you in the the Acropolis hill, Ancient Agora, Library of Hadrian, the Roman Agora, Kerameikos cemetery, Olympieion and the archaeological site of Lykeion. This bundle ticket is valid for 5 consecutive days so you are free to break up your site seeing among multiple days (all these sites would be a lot of walking!). The new Acropolis museum is among the very best in the world, and incredible! Admission is only 5 euro. Plaka and Monastiraki are great spots for eating and shopping and if you enjoy folk dancing check out the Dora Stratou Dance Theater (summer months only). During the summer you can also check out an ancient Greek play at the Herodeon.

Peloponnese - If you travel to the Peloponnese, make a stop to the see the famous Lion's Gate at Mycenae (the palace of Agamemnon) and the old capital of Greece Nafplion for some old world charm.During the summer months, check out a play at the ancient theater of Epidarauros

Islands - There are over 6,000 islands in Greece, so we're not going to highlight all of them. Some hot spots to visit: Santorini (known for beautiful sunsets and Akrotiri); Mykonos (known for night life and "Petros" the Pelican); Crete (known for the ancient Minoan palace of Knossos); Lesvos (known for ouzo and a petrified forest) - just to name a few! All of Greece's islands are beautiful and have their own unique charm.


  • GiH Logo

    February 2011

    Our Beginnings

    Co-Founders Kosta and Anastasia created in February of 2011. We realized that with such a large Greek community in Houston, there needed to be something to bring us all together - a central hub where anyone can go to find out what Greek events are going on (ti einai ta "happenings") around town.

  • March 2011 Launches

    Our official site launched on March 21, 2011; the central feature of which, was the calendar of events. No one in town had a calendar with all church, organization and educational events in one place. The goal was simple: (1) find event (2) put event in your personal calendar (3) go to event!

  • December 2016

    The Directory

    GiH matured in 2016 with new content. Top of the list was the GiH Directory. This was the ONLY online home (still is) for Greek-owned businesses and organizations in Houston - we added local churches, festivals and government offices too.

  • OGF After Party Logo

    October 2017

    GiH Sponsors the Original Greek Festival After Party

    The GiH Team was lucky enough to take over the Original Greek Festival After Party held at the historic Byzantio Bar after it closed. The After Party is still a HUGE annual tradition, and GiH is proud to be its new organizer.

  • November 2018

    Houston Greek Film Festival

    The GiH Team took a major cultural leap by brining modern Greek cinema to the Gulf Coast - a massive untapped market - by creating the first ever Houston Greek Film Festival (HGFF). Check it out HERE.

    UPDATE [Feb 2022]: In its 5th year, the HGFF grew into its own project. Now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, this project is a stand-alone success!

  • December 2020

    Virtual Holiday Pop-Up!

    At the height of COVID-19, the GiH Team wanted to put the spotlight on our local Greek-owned small bsuinesses. One of the more successful events was the 2020 Virtual Holiday Pop-Up! Independent of pandemics, this project will be back!

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